This is the University of Massachusetts Boston’s Art Journal. On page 59, you will find, “Puerto Rico Hopeful,” a work of art started in 2017 and completed in 2018.

A Day at College Bound

We are excited to share a video documenting the day in the life of College Bound and its youth scholars at Boston College.The program is led by Catherine Wong, Director, Urban Outreach Initiatives, Strategic Initiatives and External Partners, Lynch School of Education and Human Development in conjunction with her incredibly talented team of graduate assistants, instructors, faculty, school liaisons, BC undergraduate mentors, and long time College Bound alumni. This video highlights College Bound's mission and vision which focuses on young people being built up rather than torn down, being heard rather than to be silenced, taking action rather than being complicit in the face of ongoing injustice. Learn more about College Bound and Urban Outreach Initiatives: bc.edu/urbanoutreach #BCLynchSchool

Posted by Boston College Lynch School of Education and Human Development on Friday, October 4, 2019
A Day at College Bound was edited by Aaron Hwang. I was interviewed as part of this program. My voice starts the video as well as ends it.

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