Interviewing with Jarred Bowen

Perhaps one of the most scariest and proud moments I had experienced. While 2021 was one roller coaster of a year, one of my greatest accomplishments of the year was interviewing on Open Studio with Jarred Bowen and graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a Masters degree in Fine Art, something I …

A Day at College Bound Interview

Saturdays were reserved for College Bound during my young high school days. it was the place where I could call a second home. I remember struggling to believe in myself, not knowing where my future could lead. I never knew that this program would be a major part of my development.

I went through multiple stages throughout this program. From starting out as a young freshman in high school to ending off as a teacher for Social Justice and STEAM, has been one of the greatest blessings.

It was the potential that the amazing staff saw in each student, that created the environment for student growth in all aspects. There is one person in particular who I love to call my hero. Her name is Catherine Wong who was the Director of Urban Outreach Initiative. She is the amazing person who always saw the greatest potential in me and instilled the confidence in me to push me to where I needed to be.

Check out this amazing video directed by Aaron Hwang, posted by Urban Outreach Initiatives.